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If you or any members of your club/community are interested in participating in this new and exciting realm of dog behavioral genetics research, contact us.

To request kits in order to participate in the study, click here or on the Kits link above.

All personal information contributed to the study is completely confidential

There is no cost to participate, save return postage for mailing sample kits back to us.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project.  We appreciate your support and interest in the study.

We have a Yahoo! email list so that participants and interested parties can keep up with and discuss news, events, and specifics relating to our project.  To join, just click here.

Hello and Welcome to the Canine Behavioral Genetics Project (UCSF)


The Canine Behavioral Genetics Project is based in the laboratory of Dr. Steve Hamilton in the Department of Psychiatry and Institute for Human Genetics at the University of California, San Francisco. 

To explore the relationship between genes and behavior, both normal and abnormal, in domestic dogs.

To explore the relationship between genes and medical/neurological disorders such as adult-onset deafness and epilepsy.

To assess the amount and nature of genetic diversity in domestic dogs, both within and between breeds.